Our roundtable sessions allow you to rotate through content with a small cohort of 6 to 10 of your peers. You’ll learn from industry experts and each other in these customized sessions.

State of the Industry: Q&A with CCJ and Equipment World Editors

Discuss the state of your industry and its outlook with renowned thought leaders and your peers to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Understanding your market is key to your strategy.

Deep-Dive into Content Strategies for Your Brand

Paid and native content are proven strategies for B2B brands. Combining these strategies with your own content marketing is optimal for brand lift. We’ll discuss opportunities to leverage our industry brands and build complete content strategies for your marketing.

The Changing Role of Data in Digital Advertising

Your advertising platforms are only as good as the data that fuels them. Learn how good data can reach your audience even better than in the past and how first- and third-party data work together to accomplish your goals.

10/20 Problem-Solving Session

A 10/20 is a unique way to problem-solve. One person presents “an issue” they’re facing. Then the group spends 10 minutes brainstorming possible solutions. If it’s a hot topic, the discussion will be extended to 20 minutes … hence the 10/20.

OGI: One Great Idea

Part of the R-Squared value is the expertise our attendees bring to the table. Each participant will present one great idea they’ve had or seen. This roundtable is an exciting opportunity to learn from each other.

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