The Breakout Sessions

This is one of your opportunities to customize your event program to focus on the specific areas where you want to gain insights. This is your chance to ask questions and hear the questions of your peers and hear from the experts at Randall-Reilly.

Round 1 & 3 Breakout Sessions


Reinvigorating Your Business Strategy with Data

Nick Reid, EVP | Internal Consulting Services / Randall-Reilly

Sometimes the day-to-day demands of running a business prevents us from “seeing the forest for the trees.” This session will provide case study learnings from a sister division of Randall-Reilly that are applicable to your business. We’ll show you how to use data to uncover hidden opportunities, align priorities, and reinvigorate your business.


Account-based Marketing that Wins

Melissa Moss, Senior Director of Marketing / Randall-Reilly

Account-based marketing is a great way to focus on your most important clients and prospects. But how do you identify the accounts that are going to drive business performance and how do you engage them most effectively? This session will demonstrate how to develop an opportunity roadmap, as well as, how to use data and the newest platforms for optimal engagement.

Round 2 & 4 Breakout Sessions


Disrupting the Buyer’s Journey with Location-based Targeting

Emily Larson, Director of Trucking Sales / Randall-Reilly

Your prospects and clients spend a significant portion of screen time on their mobile phones to stay in touch, run their business and do research for equipment purchases. This session will cover some of the most recent advances in B2B location-based targeting that we use and a case study on how it increased dealership visits for a client by 1355%.


Using Data to Predict Intent & Swayability

Laura Hoover, Product Manager / Randall-Reilly

Identifying likely buyers before they show intent and understanding which ones can be swayed to your brand is a blend of art and science. This session will showcase how we practice this with our data and provide tips on how you can leverage your data more effectively.

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