The Breakout Sessions

This is one of your opportunities to customize your event program to focus on the specific areas where you want to gain insights. This is your chance to ask questions and hear the questions of your peers and hear from the experts at Randall-Reilly.

Round 1 & 3 Breakout Sessions


Mastering the New B2B Buyer’s Journey

Melissa Moss, Director of Digital Services / Randall-Reilly

Marketers all know awareness, consideration, and decision as the buyer’s journey. But is it changing? The information age has changed the way buyers research products, relate to brands, and make purchases. How do these changes affect B2B buying cycles or customer expectations? We’ll break down these dynamic shifts and show you how to master the new buyer’s journey.


Marketing Benchmarks and What They Mean to You

McKensie Worley, Data Analyst Manager / Randall-Reilly

How does your marketing compare with your peers? Which metrics are the most important to track? We dive deep into the data to see which metrics are the most predictive of successful campaigns, which metrics are a smokescreen, and how to build your strategies around the most important data points.

Round 2 & 4 Breakout Sessions


Take Your Account-Based Marketing to Another Level

Laura Hoover, Product Manager | Trucking / Randall-Reilly

Account-based marketing is a great strategy for B2B marketing. But how do you know the accounts on which to focus? Take your account-based strategies to a new level in this session. Laura Hoover demonstrates how to find where you’re losing market share, where the biggest opportunity for growth are, and which accounts are most likely to switch brands.


Increase Your Speed-to-Lead Through Innovation

Scott Evanson, CEO / Smart Rhino Labs

How many of your leads fall through the cracks or are never even contacted? New technologies can increase your speed-to-lead and rate of contact without having to hire additional staff. In this session we will discuss the mechanisms you can put in place to increase the capacity of your sales and marketing without bringing on additional hires.

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