The Breakout Sessions

This is one of your opportunities to customize your event program to focus on the specific areas where you want to gain insights. This is your chance to ask questions and hear the questions of your peers and hear from the experts at Randall-Reilly.

Round 1 & 3 Breakout Sessions


Build (And Sell) a Budget that Reaches Your Goals

Daniel Buckhannan, National Account Executive / Randall-Reilly

Is knowing what to spend on recruiting drivers a struggle? We’ll show you the data-driven approach to building budgets. You’ll learn how to build accurate budgets and have the tools to defend your budget internally.


Master the Pipeline from Lead to Driver

Seth Becker, Director of Media Sales / Randall-Reilly

Find and fix the inefficiencies that hinder your operations and drive up your cost-per-hire. Optimizations along each stage of the pipeline means your leads work harder for you.


Industry Benchmarks and What They Mean for You

Nick Reid, Senior Vice President, Digital Services / Randall-Reilly

Do you wonder how your recruiting stacks up? In this session, we go in depth on recruiting benchmarks and define what those mean for you. Then we’ll show you how to use the information to empower your recruiting strategies.

Round 2 & 4 Breakout Sessions


Build a Team of Recruiters That Close

Seth Becker, Director of Media Sales / Randall-Reilly

Are you empowering your recruiters to close consistently? Do you have a process for training your team? In this session, we’ll breakdown all the skills that recruiters need. We’ll also teach how to develop these skills in your team.


Advanced Targeting to Reach the Right Driver at the Right Time

Kyle Jernigan, Director of Digital Strategy / Randall-Reilly

Data helps you reach the right driver. But can you use data to reach the right driver at the right time with the right message? Use advanced techniques to target drivers with hyper-focused messaging based on the driver’s lifecycle stage.


Best Practices for Campaign Creative: What Really Works?

Kim Walker, Senior Manager of Client Services / Randall-Reilly

Is developing great creative a challenge? In this session, we’ll use data from thousands of driver recruiting campaigns to dig into ad types, landing pages, and ad copy to see what really works.

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